Dry Heat originated in March of 2001, by myself with the invitation of four talented and dear friends from the improv troupe, The Oxymoron'Z. The Oxymoron'Z were disbanded in February of that same year after the passing of our mentor, Louis Anthony Russo.

It was under Louis' teachings and directorial guidance that us original five members came to develop and master the art form of improvisation. And for that, we are ever grateful.

The purpose of Dry Heat has always been to push our knowledge of improv and comedic situations to the next level, to develop characters and situations in the written form of scripted sketches formatted for the stage.

I feel that the original expectations of Dry Heat have exceeded beyond my wildest imagination.  We have grown from a group of five people that met each week to develop our writing skills, to a well-respected, professional show, carrying with it a large supportive team of devoted and talented writers and actors, along with a very loyal following. It has been a dream come true.

This original cast is the heart of Dry Heat. Matthew Higbee, my producing partner and Dry Heat's director, along with Dave Thurston, Tim Nichols, and Jeff Moriarty. They are the people that set the tone. They took the first chances, made the first mistakes, and reaped the first applause. I couldnąt have asked for a better group.

Much of our brilliance also stems from our vast personalities, respect and support for one another, and the beautiful rules of comedy which however much we may bend, can never be broken.

That is our history. Now on to the future.

-Leslie Link

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