Leslie Link - Producer - Head Writer - Actor - Lilliputian

We should have known Leslie would be a genius at writing. Seeing early promise in her beautifully written sick notes to her former teachers. Although they did need a little work...she would sign them,..."Epstein's Mother". Raised in a small town by an enthusiast group of militant Quakers, much of her previous acting experience included Ricola commercials, quilting documentaries, and public service announcements for the development of clog dancing.  The founder of Dry Heat, Leslie's original purpose in gathering such a group of creative minds was purely to not be alone on a Saturday night. Special thanks to her family, especially her parents, who are solely responsible for her beautiful blue eyes and insecurity about her height, and thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To the pure enthusiasm these cast members hold in their hearts. God Bless!

Matt Higbee - Producer - Director - Writer - Actor - Coors Light Drinker

Dry Heat's director was born into a loving family which, shortly after, went awry. His humor is a result, not a cause. Originally hailing from Washington State he stumbled into Phoenix only two years ago. After performing around the Northwest for six years Matt was a little worried that the move would end his career. However, much to his surprise he found a home with a rag-tag bunch of actors known as the Oxymoron'z. It was here that he found his true love... improv comedy. He is a current cast member of the Jester'Z Improv Comedy Troupe and enjoys long walks on the beach.  But it was his love of comedy, passion for writing, and a desire to be on stage more that brought Matt to sketch comedy. If you are ever looking for Matt, he can be found before every DRY HEAT show praying to the theatre gods for the opportunity to work with this group.

Tim Nichols - Writer - Actor - Sex Machine

A native Phoenix boy, Tim is a defender of truth and justice and has been ever since December 24, 1982 when he discovered that his father was Santa Clause. Since that time Tim has fought to right wrongs and declare truth. It is with great lungs he screams that indeed his favorite color is purple although he didn't care for the movie. With an uplifted voice he purports that he is a closet AZ Cardinal fan and, if the need arises he would gladly play quarterback for the league minimum. His first love is comedy which stems from childhood when he endured incessant laughter from all the other kids who would tease him and call him "butt balicious". His dream is to one day be rich and famous and force those same kids into indentured servitude.  Tim thanks his family and friends for their support, that he was a member of the Oxymoron'Z for 3 years and that he is also a member and executive producer of the Jester'Z Improv Comedy Troupe. Tim is represented locally by Signature Models & Talent.

Jeff Moriarty - Writer - Web Slave - Disco Inferno

While several of Jeff's earliest writing efforts earned him wide acclaim, book publishers did not truly appreciate the art form of bathroom graffiti. Fleeing first to Albuquerque and then to Phoenix (Phoenix being much easier to spell), Jeff finally turned to computers to make his living, and earned a Class 5 Geek Certification.  No, he will not answer your computer questions after the show.  Jeff found his muse doing improv comedy, and currently enjoys performing with both the Jester'Z and Dry Heat.  He is shamelessly grateful to Louis Anthony Russo, the many friends/teachers he met in the Oxymoron'Z and the Jester'Z, and to his infinitely patient wife, Dannette. Jeff is not represented locally because of an unfortunate event now known only as the "Noodle Incident".

Jared Platt & Kevin Burdick (291 Productions) - Musical Directors - Crossdressers

For Jared and Kevin, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Actually, it was Boy Scout sleepover camp in 1978. That's where the musical/visual combination of Jared and Kevin first collaborated.  At first it was merely peeping on girls and roping small animals for fun. But as Jared and Kevin grew older, they began to realize that their individual talents of music and photography could suit them well as business partners. Something just clicked.  Hence the company,..."Small Animal Ropers, Inc." was born.  Shortly after filing for bankruptcy, they decided to try once again, forming 291 Productions, a audio-visual creative force in Arizona. They are an additional character to the Dry Heat shows, with original music and visual effects that make the show great.  One problem....what's with all the squirrels?  
Check out their website at http://www.291productions.com

Tim Giron - Writer - Donkey

A computer nerd by trade, Tim has found great enjoyment in the unpredictable nature of improvisational comedy, performing first with the Oxymoron'Z and currently with the Jester'Z. Dry Heat marks Tim's first foray into comedic writing, although several of his "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" exposés were well received during grade school. Tim originally hails from Barberton, Ohio, though he has been in the Phoenix area for more than 20 years. He categorically denies the rumors that he knows the location of the Lost Dutchman mine, though he will gladly sell you a map for fifty bucks (all sales final).  Tim fondly remembers the mentoring talent of Louis Anthony Russo. Tim would like to thank the immensely talented folks with whom he has had the pleasure to share the Star Theater/Theater 168 stage as well as his ultra-supportive wife Kim and extremely cute kids, Cassi and Calli.

Andy Woodward - Writer - Pro-Wrestler

Andy was the first man to develop cloning, but since no one was interested in an army of Lionel Richies, he was quickly kicked out of the scientific industry. A one-time Elvis impersonator, Andy longed for the opportunity to feel artistic again and desperately needed a creative outlet to expose himself. And after a small prison sentence, Andy found it. Writing was the key. Andy admits that his intellectual concepts are hard to grasp at times, but it¹s because of innovative thinkers like him that we have classic cinema today such as "Dude, where's my car?" Enough said.

Misty Demory - Writer - Actor - Follicle Consultant

Misty knew the stage was where she belonged at an early age. Born and raised on a pig farm, she and her prize winning pig Beuregard impressed the masses at local square dancing events with their version of "I'm too Sexy". It was at one of those "shows" that she was discovered, and moved to the big city. She then had the wonderful opportunity to work with Louis Anthony Russo and the Oxymoron'Z, as well as performing for On The Spot Theater. She is delighted to be part of such a hard working, talented team. For those of you who wish to see more of Misty, you can check her out on page 23 in John Deere magazine this month. Her first paid modeling gig! Those are her hands! Misty would like to give special thanks to her family and friends for their constant love and support. She is represented locally by Ford Robert Black.

Eric Mathiesen - Writer - Actor - Redwood Tree

Eric started out in life with a distinct comedic advantage over the other kids his age. Not only that he was sired from gifted and wonderful parents, and that let him express his creativity any time, any place. Nor was it that he spent his first few formative years attached to his imaginary friend, appropriately named Sillius. No, it was that he was simply so much bigger than the other kids and he could hold them down until they laughed at his jokes. Since those fondly remembered days on the playgrounds of Arizona and Montana, Eric has expanded his comedic methods to rely not merely on brut force, but on things that sometimes, occasionally mind you, were funny. With a smile and the strong determination to be funnier than the wacky pack he calls family, Eric is very hapy to be part of this group of overachieving, talented and flat-out hysterical cast of Dry Heat's second revue. Eric would like to thank his family, friends, George, Elayne, Louis, The Jester'z and fellow Dry Heat cast members for their love, support, guidance and help. Oh, and if you have a problem with that, he'll meet you out by the Big Tree after school!!!

Steve Lundeen
- Writer - Actor - Pants Hiker-Upper


  • Began acting in the Phoenix area four years ago.
  • Has been a member of an improv comedy troupe called The Oxymoron'Z and The Jester'Z for the last 2 1/2 years.
  • Is represented by the Ford Robert Black Agency in Phoenix.
  • Is excited about the show.
  • Is looking forward to working with the cast.
  • Thanks his family and friends for their love, support and watching out for his 
    mental well being.

Duane Espinoza - Actor - Potpourri Salesman

Duane still can¹t believe that he is working and performing with the talented individuals of Dry Heat and Theater 186. It was a cold night 5 years ago, when he reluctantly accepted the fact that he never would be that bearded circus lady of early childhood dreams... damn those genetics. Not daunted, he quickly set his sites on being an integral piece for the next great boy band, Clear Complexion. Unable to meet the deadlines for obtaining tight abs, he was driven to Robitussin and the subsequent rehab. It was on graduation day, that he determined that he would make his name in the sparsely populated acting industry... and is still looking for his first big break as a waiter. Nonetheless, his spirit has not been broken and he will continue his pilgrimage. Since, his meager beginnings he has had the pleasure of studying at the feet of the likes of Ramona Richards, Louis Russo, Elayne Stein, Judy Rohlings, Claude File, and Tracy Dressler, always maintaining the eagerness to learn. He thanks Leslie, Matt and the rest of the cast for the opportunity. In closing, Duane would like to share that his learning that success always comes quicker through some good ol' fashion a$$ kissing.

Matt Summerfield - Writer - Lingerie Model

Bored with modern-day society, Matt decided to chuck it all and move into the Arizona mountains to "search for the meaning of life."  Two days later he came back. His cell phone died. Always the optimistic, Matt refuses to take no for an answer when perfect strangers refuse to marry him. Matt is the kind of writer that director's love, actor's fear, and the general population just doesn't understand. We love him basically because he refuses to be normal, but we hate him because he refuses to bathe. Matt would like to thank his fellow Dry Heat writers who feed him Chex Mix and listen to his babble.



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